Vehicular Accidents Increases During Coronavirus Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has significantly reduced the number of vehicles on the streets and freeways of Los Angeles as people are encouraged to stay at home. Despite the mostly empty roadways, normal life attempts to go on. Unfortunately, that includes vehicular accidents of all sorts.

Compiled reports during the nationwide lockdown indicate that there has been a marked increase in car accidents. This makes the services of car accident lawyers and expert Uber accident attorneys even more important. You should also be aware of the necessary precautions you should employ if you’re involved in a vehicular accident during the lockdown.

Empty Roads, Reckless Drivers

According to a report published by the National Safety Council, fatalities from motor vehicle accidents climbed by 14%. The increase in fatalities in roadways are more notable in the following states:

  • Connecticut: 42%
  • Louisiana: 23%
  • New York: 17%
  • Arkansas: 16%
  • Nevada: 10%
  • North Carolina: 10%
  • Oklahoma: 9%
  • California: 8%

But why would roadway death increase when there are fewer people out driving? Experts suggest that the open streets and lanes appear more inviting to irresponsible drivers. The decreased number of vehicles makes the roads more tempting to reckless drivers looking for an excuse to break the speed limit. The pandemic could also have reduced the number of law enforcement personnel monitoring the streets.

The temptation to break speed limits and behave dangerously on the road could affect private car owners as well as drivers for ride-hailing apps. But what should you do if you or the ride-share car you’ve booked get into a car accident?

Necessary Precautions

The coronavirus pandemic has decreased vehicles on the road but increased car accidents. You need to follow some important precautions if you want to avoid unnecessary exposure.

  • Get medical help immediately if you or someone else involved in the accident sustained an injury. Do not hesitate to cooperate with first responders.
  • Maintain social distancing procedures as much as you can. If you have to give a statement to law enforcement or interact with anyone, keep a minimum of six feet away.
  • If you are exchanging phone numbers or insurance information, verbally share these details clearly instead of handing pens and paper with other people.
  • Do not wait to go to the hospital if needed. You may be hesitant to go anywhere near a medical facility now, but not doing so might exacerbate any injuries sustained and could be dangerous in the long run.
  • Brace yourself for delays, from processing your insurance to resolving lawsuits you may file. The pandemic and the measures employed to control its spread might impede most processes. Be patient and remember that these measures are in place for a reason.

Car accidents are some of the most serious incidents that could happen to you or a loved one. The pandemic will present some difficulties in processing any legal action you may want to pursue against a reckless driver. You need to work with a professional law firm with years of experience in handling similar cases if you’re going to receive the justice you deserve.

Vehicular and Ride-Hailing Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

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Stalled by COVID-19: How to Proceed With a Personal Injury Claim During the Pandemic

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The coronavirus outbreak has made these days the most inconvenient time to file a personal injury lawsuit. Accidents, however, choose no time or place and have no regard for pandemics. They can happen to anyone, anywhere, even at this very moment.

So what should you do if you get into an accident during the pandemic and want to file claims against the responsible party? What should people who were already starting a personal injury lawsuit just as the COVID-19 pandemic erupted do?

The following tips should ive you clarity and guidance on how to move forward with a personal injury claim during the time of a global health crisis.

Check Your Insurance Policy

One of the main goals of personal injury lawsuits is to pursue and obtain compensation for claimants’ out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatment and hospitalization. Why then should you look into your health insurance policy?

That’s because personal injury claims are awarded at the end of a trial or mediation. This will be a problem if you don’t have money on hand to pay for your treatment. For your health and fast recovery, you’ll want to get treated as quickly as possible. A comprehensive health insurance policy will see to this.

However, if you feel that your insurance company has mishandled your claims or is taking too long to settle, you should consult our experienced Los Angeles attorneys for bad faith insurance claims. They can provide guidance and support on the best possible legal course you can take.

Seek Medical Treatment for Your Injury

You must be diligent in seeking treatment because you will need the documentation and findings to prove the extent of your injuries. Getting all the treatments your doctor recommends will also maximize your case’s claim value, which is the ballpark estimate of the amount you can recover by way of settlement.

From a medical standpoint, seeking medical treatment as early as possible would put you on the road to recovery faster. From a legal standpoint, all your doctor and hospital records would help strengthen your case. The more details and documentation you can provide about your treatment, the better it will be for your personal injury claim.

Be Careful Agreeing to an Immediate Settlement

Choosing to settle early on might seem like the prudent thing to do given the pandemic and lockdown orders. But before you decide to agree to that settlement, speak to your lawyer. They can help you weigh the pros and cons of either settling now or pursuing the case further.

Some companies (or the person you are filing a claim against) might offer you what seems like an attractive settlement offer but could entail some underlying problems. A lawyer experienced in handling personal injury claims can easily point out these problematic issues and offer advice on how to address them.

The coronavirus pandemic is changing the world and creating unique issues for personal injury cases. The best way to navigate the uncertainties is to find seasoned attorneys that have your best interests in mind when it comes to personal injury cases.

You can get in touch with one today. Call Haffner Law and ask for a free consultation.

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