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Notable Case Results

  • $ $97,284,817

    Class Action
    Mortgage Broker Rest Break
  • $ 8,820,000

    Brain Injury
  • $ 8,250,000

    Wrongful Death/Personal Injury
  • $ 23,500,000

    Bank of America
    Mortgage Broker Wage Class Action



$ 8,820,000

Brain Injury Settlement

$ 8,250,000

Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$ 23,500,000

Bank of America Mortgage Broker Wage Class Action

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Burbank Disability Lawyer

Disability insurance is supposed to be your safety net when you’re hurt. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that. For help, reach out to a Burbank disability attorney.

Getting hurt in an accident can be frustrating, to say the least. You may find yourself unable to work. But that doesn’t mean your financial obligations will go away.

Luckily, you may have the option to file for disability benefits. But seeking this type of financial compensation can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing, making it helpful to secure legal guidance and representation.

That’s what our team at Haffner Law is here for. A Burbank disability lawyer from our firm can tirelessly fight for you until you get the benefits you deserve<.

What Is the Difference Between LTD and STD?

If you were hurt in an accident, there are a few different options available to you to recover disability benefits. In particular, there are short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) benefits. Although they may seem similar, there are some key distinctions between the two.

To start, let’s get the similarities out of the way. Like workers compensation benefits, both short-term and long-term disability insurance may be provided to you by your employer. However, this is not always the case.

Most often, STD will be given to you through work. Although this may sometimes be the case with LTD, it is more likely that you will need to purchase the additional coverage on your own.

The other differences between the two have to do with how long they last. Short-term disability is only available to you for a few weeks after your accident as a temporary financial solution. Its purpose is to provide you with income while you are recovering.

However, if you injury will take longer than a few weeks to heal, you will likely need long-term disability coverage. Your disability lawyer in Burbank can help you understand which type of compensation you should pursue.

Dealing with a Disability Denial in Burbank

If you find that your application for either LTD or STD were denied, you may worry. Luckily, working with a disability attorney in Burbank can empower you to fight your denial.

We will examine your claim to ensure you didn’t file incorrectly or fail to provide important information. Once this is done, we’ll ensure you are actually eligible. If you are, we may file an appeal on your behalf so you can collect the benefits you deserve.

Disability insurers are often reluctant to compensate claimants, meaning they’ll go to great lengths to avoid approving your claim. Fortunately, our firm isn’t afraid to take dishonest insurers to court for our clients.

Meet with a Burbank Disability Attorney

If you need to file for short- or long-term disability benefits, our team can help you. The attorneys at Haffner Law are highly familiar with this area of the law, and we’ll fight hard to ensure your application is approved so you can get the financial support you need.

If you’d like to meet with a Burbank disability lawyer, get in touch and schedule an initial consultation. You can reach us using the online contact form at the bottom of the page, or you can call our office directly at 1-844-HAFFNER (423-3637).

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