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When someone or something damages your property, your insurance should cover the cost of repairing or replacing it. If you’re having trouble with your insurer, give our Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer a call.

If you’ve been paying insurance premiums and your property was damaged because of someone else’s negligent actions, you shouldn’t have to pay to repair or replace your lost or damaged property.

If California insurers always kept their promises and people weren’t careless, few people in LA would have a need for a Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and insurers routinely look for reasons to deny valid property damage claims. If either of those scenarios sounds like your situation, you might benefit from the services of Haffner Law.

Our attorneys will fight for every dollar you’re owed for your damaged property. Contact us now for a free case review. 

Why Do I Need a Property Damage Attorney in California?

Insurance adjusters frequently make every effort to prevent you from receiving compensation. As they work for the insurance provider, the insurer has their best interests in mind, not you. When it was time to make a claim, many claimants were dissatisfied because their insurance company utilized aggressive methods to decrease or deny the claim when they truly deserve compensation. In cases like this, you need an experienced property damage lawyer.

Only top attorneys with extensive knowledge of property damage laws can help you in navigating the process no matter where it leads. At Haffner Law, we are aware of all the challenges a property damage claim might present and we are more than ready to fight. 

If you retain the services of our property damage lawyer at Haffner Law, we can likely help you with:

Navigating and Expediting the Process

The process of filing an insurance claim can be time-consuming. Some insurance firms often drag out the procedure until you’re so frustrated that you accept a settlement that is significantly less than the losses you sustained. By employing countermeasures or other strategies that can force your insurance company into action, our Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer can help expedite this process. Often, a simple threat of legal action suffices.

Evaluating Property Damage 

Even if you’ve already made a claim, a thorough damage assessment can still be useful in estimating the value of your claim. If you haven’t yet made a claim, our Los Angeles CA property damage attorney can assist you in comprehending your legal alternatives for pursuing the highest possible damages. 

Appealing Denials

Our lawyer can intervene and ensure there was no wrongdoing in the denial if you feel you were rejected for an unfair reason. If there was misconduct, our attorney may file an appeal or even threaten legal action if the denial of your claim was made in bad faith.

Negotiating Settlement 

By negotiating a reasonable settlement, a property damage attorney in Los Angeles may be able to assist you with your case in the most significant way. Insurance companies may issue meager settlements that won’t do much to restore the damages since they need to make money.

Our Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer at Haffner Law knows how to take on an army of insurance adjusters, specialists, and other experts hired to protect insurance businesses. Our law firm will battle for you until you receive the adequate and just compensation you deserve. Dial our number now to start a conversation. 

What is Property Damage?

Property damage refers to harm to real or personal property that happens as a result of natural forces, someone’s action, or omission. When your property is damaged, it loses some of its monetary worth and/or functionality.

Personal injury is different from property damage. When you or someone else sustains physical harm, that is a personal injury. Examples of property damage claims include the item’s replacement cost and/or its replacement worth.

To better comprehend property damage claims, you should examine your property damage insurance and gain an understanding of your coverage and exemptions. A Los Angeles property damage lawyer can assist and provide you with sound legal advice to address your case.

What Are The Types Of Property Damage in Los Angeles?

A property damage lawyer in Los Angeles can help you recover compensation for your damaged property regardless of what kind of property you’re dealing with. In most cases, your case will be between you and your insurer, and we know exactly how to put pressure on it.

The following are some common types of property damage in Los Angeles:

Damaged Homes 

Your home may be your castle, but it probably doesn’t have the fortifications of an actual castle. That means it’s susceptible to all kinds of damage, such as damage from fire, wind, floodwaters, earthquakes, shifting soil, and other threats. If your homeowner’s insurance policy includes the type of damage your home suffered, then you deserve compensation for the damage.

Damaged Businesses 

Business insurance is meant to protect your business from all kinds of damage, but too many business owners find that insurers will try anything to avoid holding up their end of the deal. Our Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer will make sure they don’t get away with it.

Damaged Motor Vehicles

Perhaps the most common type of insurance because most states require drivers to carry it, auto insurance should cover all kinds of damage to your vehicle. That includes damage sustained in wrecks. If your auto insurer is hesitating to compensate you for the cost of repairing your car, give our property damage lawyer a call.

Other Items

You can have insurance for almost any type of property, and our Los Angeles CA property damage attorneys are prepared to take on all kinds of property damage cases. We’ll have a look at your case no matter what type of property it involves.

Property damage comes in a variety of forms and is best explained by our Haffner Law property damage attorney. We will assist you in evaluating the damages and calculating the amount of compensation to which you are entitled. Do not hesitate in giving us a call so we can start working on your case. 

What Does Property Damage Insurance Cover?

Although policies and coverage differ, claims involving the following are likely to be covered by homeowners insurance plans:

  • Damage to the house, garage, or roof, as well as any outbuildings
  • Loss of personal items or possessions due to theft or damage
  • Additional living expenditures if the damage renders your house inhabitable

Homeowner’s insurance may also cover injuries or property damage to others caused by personal negligence, accidents in the home, and damages to personal items or property stored in storage.

What Types Of Property Damage Is Covered By Insurance?

Water Or Freezing Damage

Numerous house insurance plans include coverage for damage resulting from a burst pipe or other water-related incident. It is in your best interest to frequently inspect your pipes for leaks to avoid water damage to your property.

Mold Damage

Both business owners and homeowners should be extremely concerned about mold damage since it can be extremely serious. Mold can cause major health hazards, harm to property, and be toxic. Being aware of potential mold issues in your home or building is important since insurance companies sometimes contest mold damage claims.

Wind And Hail Damage

Damage claims from wind and hail are frequent. These damages are probably covered by your insurance policy because they are the result of natural causes. When wind or hail damage results from a hurricane, hailstorm, tornado, or other storms, it is frequently covered by insurance.

Fire And Smoke Damage

Although fire or smoke damage is less frequent than wind and hail damage, these damages are probably covered if you bought a comprehensive insurance policy. You should check your policy to see if it covers damages such as cooking grease fires and lasting smoke damage to the building.

Burglary, Theft, Or Vandalism

If you’ve suffered a burglary, theft, or vandalism in addition to natural disasters or ordinary property damage, you’ll be qualified to file a property loss claim.

Other Coverage 

Depending on your policy, properties that may be covered may include:

  • Office equipment
  • Computers
  • Furniture
  • Tools
  • Other personal belongings

What Types Of Property Damage Is Not Covered By Insurance?

There are some situations in which homeowners’ insurance is not sufficient to cover emergencies. For instance, most home insurance policies do not cover damage from earthquakes or floods.

If you reside in a location that is vulnerable to earthquakes or floods, you will need to purchase additional coverage or obtain a separate policy. It’s important to remember that termite or other pest damage may not always be covered by property insurance coverage.

The best way to identify if your property damage is covered by insurance is to review your insurance policy and consult our Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer.  

Who Can Be Held Liable In A Property Damage Lawsuit?

You may file a lawsuit for property damage against a number of different parties. For this reason, it’s crucial to get legal counsel right away in order to identify the parties responsible for your property damage claim. Liable parties may include:

  • Insurance companies: In lawsuits claiming property damage, insurance companies are frequently named as defendants. Insurance providers will always make an effort to minimize the compensation you are due, using a variety of justifications like misrepresentations in the policy’s coverage.
  • Product manufacturers: Product manufacturers may be held accountable for any defective products they design and release onto the market under a product liability claim. You may be entitled to financial compensation if a defective product caused property damage.
  • Builder or contractor: A contractor or subcontractor may occasionally be held legally liable for harm done to a house or another building. This happens when they don’t perform the necessary work to guarantee the stability and safety of the structure. Additionally, if their work contains flaws and results in damage or collapse, they most likely face legal liability.
  • Third parties: You may be able to hold the third party accountable in court under a negligence legal claim if your property was damaged as a result of the negligence of a third party, such as a neighbor. In order to establish negligence, the plaintiff must show that the defendant owed the homeowner a duty, that duty was broken, and that the homeowner suffered property damage.

Liability or the legal responsibility to pay for the damage is significantly influenced by the facts of the case and the circumstances that led to the damage. In order to help clients recover compensation to cover the cost of repairs, remediation, or replacement, our property damage lawyer will work to establish liability. Contact us today to learn more!

How To Prepare For Filing A Property Damage Claim?

Making a list of your possessions will make filing an insurance claim much simpler. It can be challenging to recall all of your items after a stressful incident like a fire or natural disaster. This can also speed up the claim settlement process, validate your losses, and assist your Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer in determining damages or losses if you decide to take legal action.

Here are some guidelines on how to make a house inventory to help you be ready for the worst:

  • Maintain a record of recent purchases.
  • Include valuable information such as make or model
  • Count the apparel by items like jeans, shirts, shoes, and so on
  • Record serial numbers
  • Consider whether you need separate coverage for valuables such as jewelry
  • Maintain inventory in a storage unit
  • Save receipts and other evidence of purchase
  • Snap some shots or record some footage
  • Produce digital files
  • Continue adding to your list, but avoid becoming overwhelmed

Why Your Property Damage Claim Was Denied?

Insurance providers operate as for-profit corporations. They probably won’t stop at anything to avoid paying out claims. When it comes to property damage, certain policies are worded in a way that justifies undervaluing your claim.

Home-related property damage cases can be particularly challenging. For instance, even if a hailstorm or windstorm may have destroyed your home, the insurance company may contest the damage and argue that normal wear and tear or poor maintenance was to blame.

Look at a few of the typical disputes that insurance companies use as leverage while you explore your options for legal representation:

Coverage Issues

Your claim for coverage may be contested by your insurance provider. This might entail contesting the entire claim. For instance, you might claim that a burst pipe caused the water damage, but the insurance provider might counter that a flood was to blame (which wouldn’t be covered unless you have flood insurance).

Damage Disputes

You and your insurance adjuster may dispute the extent of the damages from time to time. Any form of damage assessment is difficult, and there may be concerns about whether the property can ever be repaired.

Bad Faith Claims Handling

Although insurance providers ought to follow the law, you can end up with a company that is careless or dishonest about handling claims. When your insurance provider acts improperly or fails to follow standard insurance adjusting rules, including rejecting a legitimate proof of loss when you provide sufficient details, this is referred to as bad faith. Additional instances include failing to uphold your policy’s terms, making a lowball offer, or denying coverage without a good cause. 

You might wish to engage a Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer if your property damage claim was denied by your insurance carrier. At Haffner Law, we’ll help you identify if there are valid grounds for denial and if submitting an appeal is an option.  

Lawsuits For Property Damage: What If There Are No Insurers Involved? 

Sometimes, Los Angeles property damage cases don’t involve insurers at all. You can sue a negligent party for property damage under certain circumstances.

Haffner Law knows how to handle these types of cases, too. Our Los Angeles property damage attorney will fight for compensation for all the damages you’ve suffered because of another person’s reckless or careless actions, including damage to your property.

How Do You Calculate Property Damage?

Damage to property occurs under compensatory or economic damages. These are monetary losses based on the cost to repair or replace the property. Your lawyer may calculate the entire value of your damaged property using the following methods:

  • The property’s market value or cost to replace it
  • If the property cannot be replaced, the expense to fix it
  • How much the property would have sold for had it not been damaged
  • The difference between the item’s worth before and after it was damaged

Courts may attempt their best to put a figure on the “sentimental value” of the object based on how important it was to you and if it is a unique property that can’t really be replaced. Nevertheless, losses go beyond only the worth of your possessions. 

Additionally, you are entitled to reimbursement for any costs and expenses connected to the property damage, including:

  • Hiring a car while your automobile is being fixed
  • If your home is unusable, you may need to stay in a hotel or another residence
  • The cost of any repairs or replacements you make to the property
  • The decline in revenue if routine operations were disrupted

Our Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer knows which specialists to consult in order to appropriately value your property. Instead of relying on the lowball estimate provided by your insurance carrier, you should seek the advice of a professional assessor.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Property Damage In Los Angeles, CA?

When it comes to recovering property damage, the sooner you file your claim, the better. The statute of limitations for property damage cases in California is three years. This means you have only three years from the date your property was damaged or the date you should have discovered the harm to file a claim. If you miss this deadline, you could miss your chance forever.

But, the statute of limitations is not the only reason you should act quickly. While events are still recent, evidence is always the freshest and most persuasive. As time passes, witness memories diminish. The state of the property may change again. You can lose access to crucial pieces of evidence required to substantiate your case.

You may also submit a property damage claim in conjunction with another claim, such as a personal injury case. Or you may choose to file a claim independently. The only way to determine the best course of action is to discuss your case with our property damage lawyer. Call us immediately to schedule a free case review. 

Call our Seasoned Los Angeles Property Damage Lawyer Now!

The expense of repairing property damage due to accidents or natural causes can cost thousands of dollars. Since you weren’t at fault, why should you make any payment at all? Our  property damage attorney will fight for you and assist you in obtaining the full amount of compensation you are due.

If you have been the victim of insurance denials, or bad faith insurance for property damages, Haffner Law will examine both your insurance coverage and your claims. We will look into the situation and provide legal counsel regarding your case. 

You deserve compensation for the damage done to your property. We’re here to help you get it. To schedule a free case review with our Los Angeles CA property damage lawyer, call us or complete the online contact form at the bottom of this page.

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