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  • $ 23,500,000

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$ 8,820,000

Brain Injury Settlement

$ 8,250,000

Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$ 23,500,000

Bank of America Mortgage Broker Wage Class Action

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Los Angeles Seat Belt Injury Lawyer

Don’t let a seat belt injury hold you back any longer. Call a Los Angeles seat belt injury attorney who can fight for the compensation you deserve.

Seat belts are designed to protect us in case of a car crash, but sometimes things go wrong. Whether it’s poor design or a mechanical failure, injuries sustained in accidents like these shouldn’t be your burden to bear.

Proving that the seat belt was responsible for your injury can be difficult, so finding the right Los Angeles seat belt injury lawyer may be a necessity. Haffner Law has the resources needed to find out what went wrong and, more importantly, the ability to prove it in court or during settlement negotiations.

Seat Belt Injury Causes and Ways to Fight Back

Seat belts can injure you even when they function properly, but when they malfunction, much worse happens. These types of malfunctions could be due to a poor fit despite attempts to adjust it, or issues with the vehicle’s latches and tension sensors may prevent the belt from tightening when appropriate or loosening afterward.

Along with filing a claim against the people responsible for the accident, we can also file a product liability claim against the designer, manufacturer, installer, or repair technicians involved with the seat belt or vehicle as a whole. Your seat belt injury lawyer in Los Angeles can work with expert witnesses to determine what went wrong and hold the right groups accountable.

Seat Belt Injuries

Injuries caused by seat belts that stay connected are collectively called seat belt syndrome, indicating the heavy bruising from shoulder to hip and across the waist. These are especially dangerous to short people, the elderly, pregnant women, and children.

Other than the obvious bruising, you might have experienced prolonged or unexplained shock, hinting at more serious injuries that are hard to detect. These pains are often delayed, which can make detecting and treating them difficult and can lead to worse complications.

Common organ injuries tied to seat belts include the following:

  • Blunt abdominal trauma
  • Heart and aortic damage
  • Ruptured spleen
  • Lung and respiratory tract damage
  • Kidney, bladder, and urinary tract damage

Other common injuries:

Your seat belt injury attorney in LA can help you understand the full extent of your injuries and recover compensation to account for it.

Compensation You Could Recover

Your expenses will be high when you’re involved in any car crash causing injuries, but it will be up to your LA seat belt injury attorney to fight for every penny so you can make a full recovery. You could win compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical costs
  • Reconstructive surgeries
  • Income loss
  • Disability accommodations
  • Vehicle damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Punitive damages
  • Wrongful death

California Shared Fault

The defense will likely try to take advantage of California’s comparative negligence rules to reduce the payout it’s ordered to provide. Under this rule, if you’re 20 percent at fault and are awarded $100,000, then you’ll only get $80,000.

The positive aspect is that, if you were partially responsible for your injuries due to improper seat belt use or were too close to the steering wheel, you can still recover some compensation. Your seat belt injury lawyer in LA can maximize your compensation.

Get in Touch with an LA Seat Belt Injury Lawyer

Schedule a free, no-obligation case consultation with a Los Angeles seat belt injury lawyer from Haffner Law by calling us at 1-844-HAFFNER (423-3637) or filling out the form below.

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