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  • $ 8,820,000

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  • $ 23,500,000

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$ 8,820,000

Brain Injury Settlement

$ 8,250,000

Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$ 23,500,000

Bank of America Mortgage Broker Wage Class Action

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Our Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyers Fight for Fair Settlements

When you or someone you care for gets into a truck accident, get in touch with a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles immediately. Your quick action could be the key to obtaining a fair settlement from the parties responsible for the incident.

In the majority of commercial truck crashes, the injured victim was in a car or other vehicle—not in the truck. If you’re one of those victims, a Los Angeles semi-truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you need to recover.

Accidents that involve 18-wheelers or semi-trucks almost always have life-changing effects. If you’ve been injured in a truck crash, your injuries are likely severe and you’re probably concerned about your growing medical debt. That’s not to mention your property damage and emotional trauma.

If the truck wreck wasn’t your fault, you’re probably also frustrated that you have to deal with all this stress without help. You may feel that you’ve suffered an injustice, and you likely have.

But you have options. With the help of a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer from Haffner Law, you can file a successful personal injury claim that will compensate you for all of your damages.

Find a Truck Accident Lawyer to Fight for Your Cause

Your lawyer’s role doesn’t start and end with representing you in truck accident litigation. You can also expect your lawyer to do the following:

  • Visit you after your accident, whether you’re at home or in the hospital
  • Gather evidence identifying the parties responsible for your accident
  • Identify the people and entities whose negligence may have indirectly led to your accident
  • Determine the compensation you’re entitled to ask
  • Prepare the paperwork
  • Get in touch with the opposite parties to start negotiations
  • File your case in court, if necessary
  • Build a strong case to help you secure a settlement that satisfies your demands

It’s important to gather as many facts as possible if you’re planning to file a compensation claim in a truck accident. A truck accident lawyer from Los Angeles can shoulder the responsibility and allow you to recover from your injuries in peace.

Here’s another reason why you should consult a truck accident lawyer: You need to know if other people, apart from the truck driver, are also accountable. If more than one person is at fault, you’re entitled to name them when you file a compensation claim.

Identifying Cause and Fault in Commercial Truck Crashes

When you are involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler more than one party may be at fault. Drivers can be independent contractors, or they may work for a large trucking company—and both parties may be liable for your injuries.

Then, of course, there are cargo loaders, truck mechanics, and others involved in the trucking industry to consider. Because of the complex nature of the commercial trucking industry, you might find it difficult to identify the correct negligent parties to name in your claim.

Your Los Angeles commercial truck crash lawyer can help you sort through these details and maximize your claim’s value.

The following are some potential causes to consider before filing a truck crash personal injury claim:

  • Inadequate Training The driver who caused your accident might not have had the proper training or the proper license to drive such a large vehicle. This should be recorded in the police report.
  • Unrealistic Schedules Some trucking companies reward drivers for hurrying without considering the risks involved. Carelessness of this sort can lead to accidents.
  • Unsecured CargoA loose load can result from a careless loading team or defective restraints. Unsecured cargo that causes an accident could incriminate a number of people, including the manufacturer of any defective parts.
  • Distracted DrivingCell phones can distract any driver, and truck drivers are no exception. Other causes of distracted truck driving include other passengers, navigation systems, and eating and drinking.
  • Drowsy Driving Federal regulations limit how many hours a driver can operate a truck without sleeping. The driver or trucking company can be held liable if these rules are violated.
  • Dangerous Roads Poor road conditions and improper roadside construction sites can cause accidents. Construction companies and government agencies can be held responsible in these cases.

Compensation for Your Los Angeles Truck Accident

Unfortunately, a difficult truth you may learn after your Los Angeles truck accident is that insurance companies exist to make money. More often than not, they are concerned with protecting their bottom line and the interests of their investors than they are with covering your expenses.

Instead of fighting with a trucking company or its insurer, let your Los Angeles truck accident attorney deal with that stress.

The damages tied to your semi-truck crash injuries will be grouped into two broad categories: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are the tangible financial expenses associated with your injuries, and non-economic damages are those that don’t involve money but can still greatly impact your life.

Economic Damages

You may receive damages to cover any of the following financial expenses, depending on the circumstances of your truck crash:

  • Loss of income or earning potential
  • Current and future medical bills
  • Physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Rental car or other transportation expenses (in lieu of your damaged vehicle)
  • Accommodations made to your home or auto for your injuries

Non-Economic Damages

You may also ask for damages associated with intangible and ongoing losses, such as any of the following:

  • Emotional pain and anguish
  • Loss of a career
  • Diminished interest in hobbies and activities you enjoyed prior to your accident
  • General disinterest in life after the truck wreck

Time Limit for Filing a Claim in California

The statute of limitations is the time limit placed on your ability to file a claim for compensation after you’ve been injured. In California, the statute of limitations gives an injured person two years from the date of the harm to file a lawsuit against any at-fault parties.

However, if your truck crash injured you in ways that did not become apparent until long after the accident, you will have one year from the date you discovered the injury to file a claim.

Bringing your case to a Los Angeles truck crash attorney’s attention a month after your accident will most likely yield more accurate evidence and witness statements than it would a year after your injury.

The sooner you decide to hire a lawyer, the sooner you can focus on your recovery after such a challenging and traumatic experience. Your lawyer will take over and work on your behalf to garner a full and fair settlement.

Los Angeles Truck Accident FAQ

Below are the answers to some common questions victims of Los Angeles 18-wheeler crashes ask their attorneys:

What is comparative fault, and how will it affect my claim?

Even if you were the only person injured in your truck accident, you can still be found partially at fault. If that happens, the amount of compensation you receive will shrink. That’s because of California’s comparative fault rule.

Comparative fault holds that multiple parties can share varying portions of the blame for truck accidents. For instance, if poorly secured cargo fell off a truck that was speeding and you hit that cargo while you were also speeding, you might be found 20 percent responsible for your accident. The truck driver might hold 40 percent of the blame, and the cargo loader might hold the remaining 40 percent.

In that scenario, your 20 percent of the blame would translate to a subtraction of 20 percent from the compensation you’re awarded.

Should I speak with the insurance company by myself?

No. Insurance companies often contact truck accident victims to make lowball settlement offers or trick them into making statements that can be used to place the blame for the crash on them.

Direct the insurance company to speak with your Los Angeles truck crash attorney, and never accept a settlement offer without first reviewing it with your lawyer.

Can I file a wrongful death claim for a truck accident?

If your loved one was killed in a truck accident that was caused by someone else’s negligent or careless actions, you might be able to file a wrongful death claim to recover compensation for your losses.

Wrongful death claims are subject to highly specific rules and qualifications, so it’s important to enlist the help of an attorney.

Contact a Los Angeles 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

You’ve already suffered enough from the commercial truck crash that injured you. You shouldn’t have to suffer all over again when you seek the compensation you’re entitled to.

A qualified attorney with can negotiate with the insurance company, build your case, and fight for what’s yours so you don’t have to. Team up with us to give your claim everything it needs to succeed.

To take the first step, contact a Los Angeles truck accident lawyer. Give us a call at 213-514-5681 or fill out the contact form below.


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