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$ 8,820,000

Brain Injury Settlement

$ 8,250,000

Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$ 23,500,000

Bank of America Mortgage Broker Wage Class Action

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Los Angeles Slip-and-Fall Lawyer

Slip-and-fall accidents cause untold pain and suffering every year. If you’ve been a victim in such an accident, contact a Los Angeles slip-and-fall attorney.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t always a safe place. A whole multitude of circumstances could lead you to injury. One particularly common circumstance is falling down.

In some cases, these tumbles may take place in your own home or yard, but there are other times when your injuries might occur on another person’s property. In these circumstances, you may have the right to file an injury claim against the property owner.

However, premises liability cases can be tough, and they can be even more difficult if you try to take them on without legal guidance. To successfully prove the negligence of the property owner, work with a knowledgeable Los Angeles slip-and-fall lawyer at Haffner Law.

Where Do Slip-and-Fall Accidents Take Place?

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen almost anywhere in Los Angeles—and at any point in time. They can happen outdoors or inside, and they can take place on both residential and commercial properties.

In short, property owners of all types must uphold a certain standard of responsibility and safety. So long as they are in charge of the grounds, they can be named in a premises liability claim if you are injured on their property due to negligence.

Some common locations where slip-and-fall accidents take place include the following:

  • Construction sites
  • Restaurants
  • Retail or department stores
  • Hotel or resort locations
  • A person’s private home or apartment
  • At work
  • In a public space, such as a local park

No matter where your accident took place, the bottom line is this: The owner of that location can be held responsible for the damages you’ve incurred if his or her negligence led to your injury. Your slip-and-fall lawyer in Los Angeles will work with you to pinpoint the liable party so you can name him or her in your claim.

What Contributes to Premises Liability?

The primary job your Los Angeles slip-and-fall accident lawyer will initially have when reviewing your case is determining what exactly it was that caused your accident. This is a crucial part of the claim-building process because it helps prove how the property owner was liable and how his or her inability to maintain safety was linked to the damages you suffered.
Some examples of property owner negligence that might lead to a premises liability case in Los Angeles include the following:

  • A wet floor that was left without signage to warn of its condition
  • A damaged or poorly constructed stairway
  • Uneven concrete areas or sidewalks that are not properly maintained
  • Pools without enclosures or warning signs surrounding the perimeter

Your Los Angeles slip-and-fall injury lawyer will need to do much more than simply determining what caused your accident, though. We will also need to prove that the property owner was negligent. We can do this by proving that the owner knew the conditions of the property were unsafe but allowed visitors on the premises anyway.

Damages You Can Recover in Los Angeles Slip-and-Falls

Once your slip-and-fall attorney in Los Angeles has sufficiently proven the negligence of the other party, he or she will seek the damages necessary to protect both your financial and physical wellbeing. Having an attorney throughout this part of the process is crucial because we may think to seek benefits you would not have otherwise realized you were eligible to recover.

Some benefits we may advise you to name in your claim include the following:

  • Medical care coverage, including medications or equipment, travel costs, and doctor appointments
  • Pain and suffering<
  • Loss of earning capacity, as well as compensation for any wages you may lose while you are recovering
  • Mental anguish
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Your attorney will prove your eligibility for full and fair compensation using a variety of pieces of evidence. These may include documentation from your doctor, photographs of both the scene where the incident took place and your injuries, and witness statements.

Get in Touch with a Los Angeles Slip-and-Fall Attorney

If you were recently injured while you were on another person’s property, managing your medical bills and injuries doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders. With the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, you can file a claim against the property owner to recover the compensation you deserve.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Los Angeles slip-and-fall lawyer at Haffner Law. Give us a call at 1-844-HAFFNER (423-3637) or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of the page to schedule a free initial consultation and get started on your claim.

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