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Notable Case Results

  • $ $97,284,817

    Class Action
    Mortgage Broker Rest Break
  • $ 8,820,000

    Brain Injury
  • $ 8,250,000

    Wrongful Death/Personal Injury
  • $ 23,500,000

    Bank of America
    Mortgage Broker Wage Class Action



$ 8,820,000

Brain Injury Settlement

$ 8,250,000

Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$ 23,500,000

Bank of America Mortgage Broker Wage Class Action

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Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Encino

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision caused by another person’s negligence or reckless behavior, you may be eligible to file a legal claim. Haffner Law’s car accident lawyers have over 20 years of experience advocating on behalf of personal injury victims in Encino and other areas across California.

Skilled car accident attorneys you can rely on

Our team has extensive knowledge of state laws governing personal injury cases along with the claims processes of insurance companies. We have the experience and courtroom skills to represent your case and protect your rights to adequate compensation.

At Haffner Law, new clients are entitled to a free, no-obligation consultation with our car accident lawyer. We also follow a no-win, no-fee policy, meaning you don’t pay for our services unless we successfully recover compensation for you.

Our firm boasts of an impressive track record in cases involving personal injury, insurance bad faith, and property damage. We strive to understand your post-accident circumstances and work tirelessly to maximize the compensation you receive.

Personalized legal guidance from start to finish

Our car accident attorney can help you:

Collect evidence

In many cases, police reports and insurer’s investigations fail to provide an accurate representation of your case. This is why attorneys also gather evidence and perform additional investigations on their own. During the discovery process, your attorney will examine:

  • Accident reports
  • Medical records
  • Witness statements
  • Photos and video footage from witnesses or nearby establishments

Obtaining as much information about your case as possible can help them develop a strategy that will maximize your compensation potential.

Calculate damages

Compensatory damages in personal injury cases can come in the form of physical, psychological, or financial losses. Depending on your circumstance, you may ask compensation for:

  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Lost income
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Personal property damage
  • Present and future medical treatment
  • Punitive damages

In many cases, the company’s initial offer would be much lower than what you deserve for your medical bills, time off work, and emotional distress.

Haffner Law’s skilled attorneys will assess all the damages applicable to your case and determine their appropriate value. We will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the amount you need for your recovery.

Negotiate a settlement

Insurance companies are notorious for denying claims that are valid or reasonable. As your experienced negotiators, we will carefully assess initial settlement offers and insurance policy limits. We can spot shady insurer tactics right off the bat and will aggressively defend you against unfair settlement offers.

Aggressively represent you in court

If your personal injury claim continues to be contested, we will not hesitate to take your case to court. We pride ourselves on our vast courtroom experience and calm, laser-focused approach to every case.

Work with dedicated car accident attorneys

Rely on our car accident lawyers to review all details of your case and protect your rights every step of the way. We serve individuals and their families from a variety of personal injury accidents such as:

  • Car accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage
  • Truck accident
  • Wrongful death

Book a free consultation now and get the compensation that’s rightfully yours.

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