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$ 8,820,000

Brain Injury Settlement

$ 8,250,000

Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$ 23,500,000

Bank of America Mortgage Broker Wage Class Action

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Los Angeles Life Insurance Lawyer

Purchasing life insurance was your loved one’s way of taking care of you after his or her passing. A Los Angeles life insurance attorney won’t let greedy insurers stand in the way of that thoughtful gift.

Losing someone you love, such as a parent or spouse, can be an emotionally difficult and trying time. During this period of grief, the last thing you want to worry about is arguing with the insurance company over a life insurance claim. And when the insurers attempt to either deny your claim or give you trouble, it can make the entire experience that much more taxing.

The team at Haffner Law understands the unique legal and personal struggles involved in such cases. If you are struggling to get your claim approved and collect the compensation you are rightfully owed, we are here to help you.

When you work with a Los Angeles life insurance lawyer, you will reap the benefits of knowledgeable legal guidance and protection so you can focus on managing your grief and moving forward with your life.

Understanding Why Your Life Insurance Claim Was Denied

After submitting your life insurance claim in Los Angeles, if you find out that your claim has been denied, try not to panic. Unfortunately, this type of outcome is all too common, especially when claims are submitted without the help of a legal representative.

This isn’t surprising when you consider the fact that insurance companies are often more focused on protecting their profits than they are on protecting you. Some common reasons why your life insurance claim might have been denied include the following:

  • Filing improperly, such as including the wrong information or failing to include necessary documents or information
  • Filing past the due date
  • Failing to pay premiums while the deceased was still alive
  • The insurer trying to rescind the policy before or after the deceased’s death
  • The insurance company claiming that you were not the beneficiary designated on the policy

In some cases, the insurance company will send a detailed denial letter clearly outlining what was wrong. In most scenarios, though, insurers will count on your inability to understand legal jargon and make their denial letter vague and difficult to comprehend. But working with an attorney will help ensure these less-than-moral tactics will not be successful.

Handling a Denied Claim

If your initial claim was denied, your Los Angeles life insurance denial lawyer will work with you to determine exactly what the problem was with the initial claim in order to file a successful appeal.

Once the issue has been determined, your attorney will review your policy limits and regulations to ensure that your claim falls in line with what you are owed. If it does, and you feel your insurance company was unjust in denying you, we will likely move forward with filing an appeal.

During this process, your lawyer will gather relevant evidence, such as supporting documents. For example, if the insurance company denied your claim without being able to provide adequate reasoning, your attorney will prove that, under California law, the insurer is obligated to provide compensation.

We will also make sure your appeal is filed in accordance with all the rules outlined in your life insurance policy so you don’t have to face any further delays in recovering the compensation you deserve.

If the insurance company is still unwilling to cooperate with you and either provide you with compensation or give legitimate reasoning as to why your life insurance claim was denied, your attorney may take further action. At this point, your attorney may choose to take the insurer to court so you are able to recover the compensation you deserve.

Other Benefits of Working with a Life Insurance Lawyer

Sometimes, insurers deny valid life insurance claims because they believe victims won’t be smart enough to seek legal help. But when they get a call from your Los Angeles life insurance claim lawyer, they’re going to understand that you mean business.

Simply hiring a lawyer is often enough to scare insurers into paying on claims they wrongly denied. Let us bring some legal muscle to your fight with the insurance company.

Call a Los Angeles Life Insurance Attorney Today

If you recently lost a loved one and are struggling to get by after your life insurance claim was denied, the legal team at Haffner Law would like to offer you our services. We will help you file a successful appeal and, if need be, go to trial so you can begin moving forward with your life.

Don’t wait to schedule a consultation with a Los Angeles life insurance lawyer. Get in touch by filling out the online contact form at the bottom of the page or giving us a call directly at 1-844-HAFFNER (423-3637) today.

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