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$ 97,284,817.91

Mortgage Broker Rest Break Class Action

$ 8,820,000

Brain Injury Settlement

$ 3,000,000

Insurance Bad Faith Settlement

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Los Angeles Talc Ovarian Cancer Lawyer

Talcum powder seems like a harmless product; if anything, it is very useful. It keeps the skin moist and prevents rashes.This silica-based product, however, can put your health at risk.

The most serious risk from regular use is ovarian cancer, due to the ingredient compromising the ovaries. Studies show that frequent use increases your risk of cancer; the more you use it, the more likely it will affect you.

Anyone who believes they suffered injuries due to talcum powder should talk with a talc powder ovarian cancer lawyer in Los Angeles. Attorneys at Haffner Law will help you deal with insurance claims and move forward with your life.

Talcum Powder: Linked Health Risks

Talc (otherwise known as talcum) is a finely grained mineral that bears physical similarities to asbestos. Talc is also a popular ingredient used in cosmetic powders; a popular brand of baby powder has been using talc for years. Its water-absorbing property is what makes it a choice ingredient for high-quality powders.

This product, however, has been shown to cause gynecological tumors, mesothelioma, and ovarian cancer.

There is also some mixed science in talcum’s role in increased risks for lung diseases. Issues concerning the lungs, however, aren’t as commonly known as talcum powder causing ovarian cancer.

Increased Risks of Ovarian Cancer

Baby and other cosmetic powders are regular staples in some women’s hygienic routine. During the 1970s, one case revealed talcum particles inside the ovaries of patients with ovarian cancer. Since then, the medical field questioned the safety of talcum powder, which resulted in countless studies.

The exact reason talcum causes a higher risk of cancer remains unclear; one theory suggests that talc particles that rise through the uterus will result in chronic inflammation. Results also show that women who regularly use talcum powder are at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Justice on Your Side

Haffner Law’s team of talc injury attorneys in Los Angeles is knowledgeable with product liability litigation. With years of experience advocating for clients victimized by dangerous consumer goods, you can trust our practice to prioritize your best interests at all times.

We are aggressive in challenging corporations or manufacturers that compromised your health. We will be the fearless advocate you can rely on to enforce your rights and hold the party-at-fault accountable. Dangerous business practices resulted in your injury; therefore, it is only right to receive compensation.

Money can never undo the damage, but compensation is a big help to you and your family. It covers medical costs, lost wages, and the pain from the talcum powder exposure.

We Are Here for You

If the doctor diagnoses you or a loved one with ovarian cancer due to talcum powder, go after your legal claims for compensation.

Our practice will protect your rights. Know what you are entitled to by scheduling a free consultation with us. When you choose Haffner Law, you won’t pay unless we obtain recovery — that’s how dedicated we are.

Get help from a Los Angeles Talc Ovarian Cancer Lawyer from Haffner Law by calling (213) 514-5681, or by using the contact form on this page. The consultation is FREE, and there’s no obligation.