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Haffner Law PC is a Los Angeles based law firm founded by Joshua Haffner focusing exclusively on civil litigation on behalf of Plaintiffs who have been injured or suffered a serious loss or hardship. The firm mission is to provide caring and competent representation. Haffner Law takes cases to trial if a fair settlement cannot be obtained. Haffner Law handles catastrophic injury and wrongful death, product liability, insurance bad faith, class actions, lottery fraud, and business litigation. Joshua Haffner and his team have a track record of success in litigating against large insurance companies, automobile and tire companies, trucking companies, and others.

People are often unprepared for a serious accident or other devastating event. The consequences of suffering a catastrophic and disabling injury, losing a loved one, or being cheated, can often reverberate for years. The law cannot fix broken bones or trust, but it can hold responsible parties accountable and force them to pay for the harm they have caused. Haffner Law focuses on maximizing recovery for clients.

Joshua Haffner is an experienced trial lawyer and has successfully represented hundreds of injured individuals in litigation, trials, and appeals against large corporate defendants. Joshua has obtained multiple insurance bad faith verdicts in jury trials against insurance companies. The team of attorneys at Haffner Law work together to provide powerful legal representation for its clients.

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Joshua Haffner graduated law school in 1997, and has practiced nearly 20 years handling trials and civil litigation for Plaintiffs who have been injured. His practice includes representing insureds in bad faith litigation and trials against their insurance companies in all types of claims. Joshua has handled serious personal injury cases arising out of various situations, including work injuries, car accidents, product defects, and asbestos exposure. Joshua also has extensive experience in construction litigation, realtor fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, and has handled multiple lottery fraud cases involving jackpots exceeding $300 million. These cases are high stake, and require resources, dedication, and the willingness and credibility to try the case before a jury.

Joshua Haffner represents people from all walks of life. They include individuals and children who have suffered injuries, lost family members, had insurance claims denied, been cheated, or otherwise wronged and suffered a serious harm.

Joshua Haffner is based out of Los Angeles but practices all over California. He has handled cases in many counties throughout the State, including Los Angeles County, San Francisco County, San Diego County, Orange County, Ventura County, Sacramento County, Shasta County, and San Mateo County. He is willing to take on a just case wherever it arises.

If you have been injured, been in an accident, denied insurance benefits, or otherwise wronged, Haffner Law may be able to help you. Consultations are free and we work on a contingency basis, where we do not get paid unless you do. If you have been injured or have a problem and need help, call Haffner Law at (213) 514-5681, or fill out the online contact form to get in touch with him immediately.


Haffner Law aggressively represents its clients' interests and prides itself on client service and relationships. We are committed to legal excellence and serving our clients compassionately and competently.